Audit SmallIt’s coming up 4 months since I took over the company here at BuildQual and I’ve been doing an audit on how things are going.  The processes, the builder’s reports and how things work.  I ensured that the reports meet the required standards.  House Inspections and the subsequent reports must comply with NZS4306:2005 and to ensure this I introduced a checklist to guide the inspectors as they carry out their work.  The report also now has a certificate signed by the inspector after the inspection is complete.  This certifies that the inspection complies with NZS4306:2005.

Other things have also changed since I started.  We now do Meth tests, can do two different types of interior moisture tests, and we have just introduced pre-handover inspections on new builds.  Take the hassle out of the handover process and have a report on the areas that need to be addressed. All before you move in and before you pay the final bill.

We also have a system that allows reports to be shared on properties going to auction.  This reduces the cost of reports; where you might miss out on a property and have to get another report on a new address.

So BuildQual is ready for the spring surge in property sales and ready to assist with your property purchase decisions.  Base your decisions on a sound BuildQual Property Inspection report.

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